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A Windows command-line utility for Amazon's S3 & EC2 web services that requires no installation, is a single .EXE file with no DLLs, and requires only .NET 2.0 or Mono, so will work on a plain vanilla Windows 2003 installation.

Key Features

  • Efficiently uploads and downloads large numbers of files (or whole directories) between Amazon S3 and Windows PCs.
  • Everything is in one .EXE. Nothing to install or configure, just download it where it's needed and run.
  • Doesn't require anything except .NET 2.0 or Mono [which version?] which you already have on all your machines (don't you?).
  • Works well in an automated backup solution or as an ad-hoc system administration tool.
  • Can split large files into chunks for upload without creating any temporary files on disk.
  • Fast parallel file transfers (coming soon).
  • Can use HTTP HEAD command to quickly determine which files don't need to be uploaded because they haven't been updated (/sync).
  • Support for EC2 operations as well.

Click the Documentation tab for help or type 's3 help' at the command line.

Free & open source. There is no paid version.

This project is not currently maintained. It would be a good idea to fork it and create a new version based on Amazon's latest .NET library.

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