sub option

/sub copies an entire directory hierarchy.

The keyprefix must be absent or end with a slash (/), and the path can be an existing directory. The /sub:withdelete option does the same but also deletes keys on S3 that start with the given keyprefix (if provided) but don't correspond to a local file.

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timtas May 28, 2011 at 9:33 PM 
Shouldn't "withdelete" be an option of the /sync switch instead of the /sub switch. Let's say I have a folder with some files and also some subfolders. I want to sync just the files and not the subfolders. If any files disappear from the folder, I want those removed from S3. I think there is no way to do this now. (I can't leave a cranky comment like this without adding that I'm delighted to have found your awesome awesome tool!)